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CBHMF wins Best of NWA in Real Estate

Feb 27, 2020

Excellence has been a part of our culture since we were founded. Not because we want to compete, but so we may be the best we can be for our community. This is why these awards mean so much to us. We were evaluated and elected not by a panel of judges, but by the people we have served, our community at large, and the wonderful agents and staff within the Coldwell Banker HMF family.

We are also excited for those in our extended family; Harris McHaney Property Management, who won best in property management, Mercury Title, who won bronze for title services, and Gateway Mortage Group who won best home mortgage company.

Winning gold in customer service and real estate for NWADG 2019 Best of Northwest Arkansas is just a reflection of our philosophy of home that we so often talk about. Our agents in Siloam Springs, Bentonville, Fayetteville, and Rogers collaborate to bring people the best possible experience across all of Northwest Arkansas.

Lets Here From A Couple Of Agents

“Winning this award solidifies what I already knew,” said Allyson Reece with our Siloam Springs office. “I made the right choice to hang my real estate license with the best company out there. It also shows how the community appreciates the hard work and high standards that is commonplace throughout all the CBHMF locations. “

One of our key initiatives is to create a culture in which everyone thrives. Whether you’re a client, a staff member, or a new agent, we want you to feel like you belong with Coldwell Banker Harris McHaney & Faucette. This requires, as Allyson accurately stated, high standards. We pay attention to the quality of our work not with our noses up, but with our hearts open.

Scott Harrison, a new agent in our Rogers office, says “The first thing that came to mind was that I made the right decision when deciding where to hang my license! In the short amount of time I’ve been with the company, I’ve seen the hard work and dedication that everyone puts into it. This award shows that, and it makes me proud to be a part of a family that I believe will only continue to grow bigger and stronger. People base their decisions on which brokerage to work with on many factors, awards being one of them. The community has high expectations, and I think they made the right decision.”

Sean Morris, a veteran agent in our Fayetteville office, agrees with Scott’s sentiment. “With agents buying into the tools and opportunities that CBHMF offers will help expand to new agents coming on board and strengthen the agents that are already here. “

Claudio Vilato, another agent in our Fayetteville office, articulates our efforts in a shifting market. “I see that we are moving in the right direction- taking innovative approaches in our growing market. I’m excited to continue pursuing my goals with CBHMF as my foundation!”

We give our thanks to our community.

In the ever-growing market of Northwest Arkansas real estate, achieving this personal standard of excellence is a constant endeavor. Our family is constantly growing, and out of all the real estate agents in Northwest Arkansas, our clients decide to partner with us. This means that we are constantly encouraging and enabling this standard of excellence throughout every part of our real estate brokerage.

If these awards resemble anything, it is that our goal has been recognized by our community, staff, and agents, the very people whom we seek to serve a day in and day out. We don’t view the business of real estate as a competition, because that entails a desire for recognition above excellence and service. We believe in maintaining this culture will naturally provide a reputation of trust, reliability, and excellence. It is always our privilege to guide you home with the care you deserve.

If you’re interested in joining our family after reading about these six levels of recognition and excellence, give us a visit at