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Our Most Summer-Worthy Backyards

Jun 12, 2020

As far as backyards go, beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or, to be more specific, in the hands of the mower). However, some backyards seem to just be begging for epic summer activities.

Here are some incredible spaces from a collection of our Global Luxury listings you sure to love.

11054 N Highway 279, Bentonville

This backyard is reminiscent of royalty. Not only is the large swimming pool center-stage, but it is also surrounded by beautiful plants, making it one of the summer jewels in the crown of this kingly estate. Patio furniture and covered poolside resting spaces give you everything you need to enjoy the summer. Did we forget to mention the gigantic pond that this home rests on? If you get tired of your chlorinated comfort zone, you have 2 acres of additional aquatic adventure at your doorstep.

14427 E Highway 94, Rogers

This is one of the most private summer hotspots you could hope for. The pool packs an enormous punch for its size, with a water slide, diving board, and basketball goal. You might not get a 2-acre pond with this one, but you do get more options, providing a concentrated dose of summer fun! Despite being comfortably enclosed by the walls of your home, the unobstructed view of a gorgeous, uninhabited forest ensures you that you are as alone as you and your guests desire to be.

3481 N Dean Solomon Road, Fayetteville

We brought the jungle paradise to you with this one. Surrounded by lush greenery and exotic potted plants on a poolside paved with pebbles. When you aren’t too busy splashing about with friends and family or enjoying a nice cold drink with your feet in the water, there’s a stunning view mere feet from the poolside that serves to remind you just how beautiful Fayetteville is.

2921 N Dorchester Drive, Fayetteville

This entire home is a summer hosting giant. While we certainly don’t recommend you invite the entire city over for a BBQ, it certainly looks up to the task! An enormous pool, an impressive collection of poolside furniture, and a massive patio space both beneath and on top of the deck dissolve any anxiety over having enough space for summer celebrations.

18348 Oak Ridge Road, Springdale

The real catch for our last backyard is the beautiful stonework and waterfall. The whole aesthetic of this quaint backyard pool space transports you to a resort-level getaway, all in your backyard! Also, not saying you should, but don’t you think that waterfall looks like a mighty fine diving board substitute?

No matter where you live or how you make use of the tools at your disposal, what makes a backyard summer-worthy is the people you invite to share it with you. Kick-off your tennis shoes, slap on some sunscreen, put on a pair of shades that match your swimsuit, and go enjoy the (our opinion) greatest season the year has to offer!

Looking for your summer oasis? Give one of our experienced REALTORS® a call to set up a showing on any of these amazing properties for sale.