Selling A Home May 27, 2022

Tips for First-Time Home Sellers!

Mar 26, 2021

If you’ve been following along with our most recent blogs, then you know how crazy the market has been since March of 2020. Real Estate has experienced many highs and lows as an industry. The state of the market is unprecedented for many realtors. Currently, inventory is at record lows in places all over the country. This is causing buyers everywhere to panic about finding the right home. We’ve said it once, and we’ll repeat it. Now is the time to sell your home!

Nervous about how to get your home prepared for this life-changing process?

Here are some key insights we got from our Agents regarding listing your home in this hot market.

Price your home fairly

  • It can be tempting with a market this hot to price your listing higher, but remember that your house has to appraise for that value.

Clean up any wear & tear

  • Buyers notice paint chips on the walls, molding that needs re-done, or a backyard fence that could use some love. Take care of these before selling as it may cause your house to be on the market longer due to cosmetic blemishes.

Professional photos go a long way

  • You may be thinking, “My house will sell so fast there’s no need to have professional photos done.” This is not always the case. If your listing has blurry cell phone photos that don’t do your home justice, a potential buyer may not give it the time of day.

Staging an empty or cluttered home

  • When potential buyers walk into a home, they like to imagine what it would be like if their family lived there. Having a home professionally staged helps that buyer’s dream become a reality. An empty or cluttered home can interfere with this.

Give it a good deep clean

  • Touring a home with cobb webs on the ceiling, a dirty bathtub, and an uncut backyard is never a good experience. Put as much effort into deep cleaning your home as you want others to do if you were touring one yourself!

Although these tips seem simple and obvious to some first-time home sellers who are looking for some advice. Many sellers will try to take advantage of the current market and overlook these entirely. If you’d like more information on what your current home is worth before selling we can help with that! Visit our website at the link here and we’ll connect you with a local agent!