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What Does Your Front Door Color Say About You?

Nov 12, 2020

To some, a front door is just a door, but to others it’s a unique way to express yourself and your personality to others. Personally, we love a painted door! It always provides a fun splash of color to a home. Did you know that the color you paint your door has meaning?

Scroll below to find out what your door color means about you. If one of these door colors fits your personality, then you’re in luck!

At the time of writing, 11.11.20, All of the homes listed were available for purchase.


Meaning: Enjoy peace and value truth.

Insight: Those who paint their doors blue are well grounded and true to themselves.


Meaning: Social butterfly, like to entertain others.

Insight: Orange informs guests that you are an entertainer and love a good challenge.


Meaning: Traditionally, this signaled future guests that you had a hospitable house.

Insight: In today’s world a red door means “Welcome!”. If you have a red door you are more likely to enjoy attention and tend to live life to the fullest.


Meaning: Indecisive and prefer to compromise.

Insight: If you paint your door gray, you may prefer to compromise and are a bit indecisive.


Meaning: Order and control.

Insight: When entering a home with a black door, you may be entering a place with elegance and style with everything in its place.


Meaning: Warm, reliable, stable.

Insight: Those who live in this home may keep an even head about things and are very trustworthy.


Meaning: Open minded, friendly and outgoing.

Insight: The simple fact that you have a glass door means you have nothing to hide from neighbors. Or a bunch of cool stuff to show off!


Meaning: Simple and organized.

Insight: With the clean lines, a white door eludes to the interior of the home being simple and organized.


Meaning: Ambitious and strive for personal betterment.

Insight: Green is typically associated with money so one could speculate that someone who lives in a house with a green door is good with money. Or maybe you are just an outdoorsy type and love to mimic your natural surroundings.

Does your door color match your personality? If not, maybe it’s time to paint! If you fell in love with any doors above, these homes are for sale at time of writing. Click your favorite home’s photo to view more details.