Real Estate Tips June 29, 2022

Thinking of Buying Land in NWA? Here Are Some Tips

If you thought buying land was as simple as calling on a listing while you are on your Sunday drive, it really isn’t that easy. There is much more to consider. Clients often have many questions about what to look for when buying land for sale and can find the task extremely overwhelming. We have had many clients recently who have an interest in buying land, but need someone who has experience to get them going in the right direction. So for this month’s blog we sat down with George Brace, managing Broker for the Coldwell Banker Harris McHaney & Faucette Rogers office. We asked George a few questions that buyers can ask themselves when they start their search for land for sale

Q: What is the first thing you need to know when starting your search?

A:  “I would first ask the client what their plans are for the land. This will help me find out what kind of land they are looking for and how big of a lot they are wanting. This question is helpful in determining the direction they are wanting to go and else we need to ask to understand exactly what they are looking for.”


Q:  Is the location of the land a big factor in the search?

A: “Absolutely! Where you are wanting to build will have a huge impact on the process of the build. A few different options of location would be waterfront, lake access, farmland, or near/in town. These are all very different in terms of terrain and how to go about building. It will also be extremely helpful to find an agent with experience in the area you are wanting so you can find the right piece of land for you.”

Q: What does a buyer need to know about the utility connections on the property?

A: “Find out what connections already exist and which you may have to add throughout the build or at a later date. Ask if there is electricity and gas and if there is access to a public water system or if you will need your own well. Also ask if the property is connected to the public sewer, and if not, if there is an existing septic already on the property.”

Here are some links to city resources about utilities:

Bella Vista





Q: What are other things buyers need to consider?

A: “A few other things to look into are the possible restrictions on building within city limits. Like who has jurisdiction in the location you are wanting. Some areas have specific contractors that you can choose from. So if you have a contractor you are planning on hiring you may want to keep these restrictions in mind.”

Q: How does a client find the right agent for them?

A: “If you’re a DIY researcher, the first place I would look for is the agent’s website and determine their expertise. If you want to skip the research, feel free to call any of our offices and speak with the broker directly to find out who would be the most knowledgeable agent pertaining to the land you’re going to buy. We know our agents well and can identify who’d be most likely to help in your specific situation.”


These are just a few tips to get you started on your search for land. We want to say thank you to George Brace for taking the time to give us a few insider tips and advice. If you have any questions you can call us at any of our office locations or email us at 

Rogers: (479) 696-0600

Bentonville: (479) 273-3838

Fayetteville: (479) 521-0220