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Top 5 Reasons to Move to Bella Vista, Arkansas


Updated November 2019

It’s impressive to see the progress Bella Vista has made since becoming an official city in 2007. Bella Vista has transitioned from a vacation and retirement village to a dynamic, thriving, and active community for people of all ages. There are many reasons to make the move to Bella Vista, but we’ll start with our top five.

Beautiful Lakes

During the summer, the lakes of Bella Vista are full of people fishing, swimming, water skiing, tubing, and boating. This spirited town offers some of the greatest lake activities in Northwest Arkansas. 

The lakes of Bella Vista

  • Lake Ann
  • Lake Avalon
  • Loch Lomond
  • Lake Brittany
  • Lake Norwood
  • Lake Rayburn
  • Lake Windsor

Premier Golf Courses 

Bella Vista is known for its premier golf courses with some of the most beautiful and challenging games in the Central US.

Just like the lakes of Bella Vista, there are seven golf courses:

  • Country Club
  • Highlands
  • Scotsdale
  • Dogwood
  • Kingswood
  • Berksdale
  • Brittany.

If you enjoy golfing, moving to Bella Vista is a no-brainer. Find out about tee times, golf rates, and directions here.

Adventurous Hiking and Biking Trails 

Bella Vista, meaning beautiful view, lives up to its name by providing some of the best biking and hiking in the nation.

There are two paved walking trails – Branchwood and Loch Lomond, a nature trail system – Tanyard Creek, and two soft-surface mountain bike trail systems – Blowing Springs and The Back 40. By late 2019, 50 more miles of the trail should be built and added to the list. This trail system will be unlike any other in Northwest Arkansas. The 11 Under trail system gets its name from the 11 tunnels throughout the system. These trails present an immense economic opportunity for Bella Vista in the way of tourism, as well as attracting new residents and regional consumers.

“ Cities from other states are now consulting us for tips and ideas on building, opening, and operating trail systems”

Bella Vista Communications Manager Cassi Lapp explained, “There is no sign of the trail momentum slowing in Northwest Arkansas.”

To get more info on the trails click here.

Bang for your Buck

You can tell from the sizable increase of residential permits year over year, people are hearing about all the benefits of living in Bella Vista. Homeowners typically enjoy more square footage for their money than other towns in the Northwest Arkansas area.

Bella Vista continues to make improvements to its facilities and infrastructure, like the expansion of the public library, the opening of the Street Department’s building, and fire department personnel additions and updates to their stations.

Lapp with The City of Bella Vista, says, “All of these efforts will provide better protection of life and property to the residents of Bella Vista, plus will ideally lower the Insurance Services Office Rating, affecting homeowner’s insurance citywide.”  

Country Living with City Benefits

In Bella Vista, residents enjoy the best of city and country living. With over 500 miles of road in a 47 square mile area, the town feels very private and detached from the hustle and bustle of city living. “Bella Vista has a little different of an atmosphere. We’re not a gridded city, we are very wooded. Those hills and ravines offer a little more seclusion and privacy in a natural setting” explained Lapp.

Bella Vista feels like you are hundreds of miles away from the city even though larger towns are just a few miles away, and many Bella Vista residents enjoy that blend. 

We would like to thank Cassi Lapp for taking the time to educate and inform us about this fantastic town. To learn more about Bella Vista you can connect with them on their website, Facebook and Instagram.