Community Why People Love Northwest Arkansas Why People Love Northwest Arkansas Everyone seems to have the answer as to why people are moving to Northwest Arkansas. There are countless Top 10 Lists answering this seemingly easy question. Most of these answers just scratch the surface. These lists rattle off much of the same information time and time again, year after year. […]
Community Fall Is Finally Here In NWA!! After a very long, hot summer, autumn is finally here!! This wonderful time of year brings beautiful weather and many fun activities to unite families and entire communities. We know everyone can’t see or go to everything there is to do, so we came up with a very broad (maybe a little random) short list […]
Buying a Home Things To Do In Southwest Missouri!! Southwest Missouri is a beautiful area that often is overshadowed by the ever-growing Northwest Arkansas area. There are so many unique places to explore. Whether you are looking for something adventurous near your new home, a good meal, or a road trip oddity, you are sure to find a destination on this list that fits your […]
Community Things To Do in Bella Vista! Mar 14, 2022 As we impatiently wait for spring to arrive, we thought we’d spend our time exploring just how many things there are to do in Bella Vista. Fun fact, it is one of the most outdoor-oriented towns in NWA. With over 150 miles of mountain biking and multi-use trails, 7 recreation lakes, 6 […]
Community ¡Cosas que hacer en Lowell! Mar 03, 2022 Es hora de otra parada emocionante en nuestro recorrido por el noroeste de Arkansas mientras nos dirigimos a Lowell, Arkansas. Justo al sur de Rogers, esta ciudad sin pretensiones tiene varias gemas ocultas que la convierten en un excelente lugar para comprar una casa. Es la combinación perfecta de raíces sureñas y […]
Community ¡Cosas que hacer en Rogers! Mar 03, 2022 Continuamos nuestra serie de “cosas para hacer” en la ciudad a través del noroeste de Arkansas y nos encontramos en la increíble ciudad de Rogers, Arkansas. Esta ciudad es mucho más que una sola tienda. (A menudo, Rogers es conocida por ser la ciudad con el primer Walmart Supercenter) ¡Rogers tiene una […]
Community ¡Cosas que hacer en Siloam Springs! Continuando nuestro viaje a través de la región en constante expansión del noroeste de Arkansas, nos encontramos en Siloam Springs. Este pueblo está lejos de ser olvidado en nuestro pequeño pedazo de paraíso. Siloam está justo al oeste de Springdale, bordeando la frontera con Oklahoma y a poca distancia en automóvil de la mayoría de […]
Community Things To Do in Siloam Springs! Feb 15, 2022 Continuing our journey through the ever-expanding region of Northwest Arkansas, we find ourselves in Siloam Springs. This town is far from forgotten in our little slice of paradise. Siloam is just west of Springdale, skirting along the Oklahoma border. This is within a quick drive to most areas in NWA. Similar to […]
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Community ¡Cosas que hacer en Springdale! Feb 01, 2022 El siguiente paso en nuestro recorrido por el noroeste de Arkansas es Springdale. Debido al auge de nuestra población en los últimos años, es difícil saber dónde termina Fayetteville y comienza Springdale. ¡Eso no quiere decir que no haya muchas cosas únicas que hacer aquí! Tanto los visitantes como los propietarios no […]
Community Things To Do in Bentonville, AR! Jan 14, 2022 Continuing our exploration of Northwest Arkansas towns, we move to the iconic Bentonville. No matter the season, Bentonville has a vast array of activities. From the beautiful downtown square, the incredible trail systems, the focus on world-renowned artwork, and so much more, it’s hard to cover it all in a 3-minute blog. […]
Community Things To Do In Rogers! Nov 11, 2021 We continue our “things to do” town series through Northwest Arkansas. We find ourselves in the amazing town of Rogers, Arkansas. This town is much more than a single store. (Rogers is often known for being the town with the first Walmart Supercenter) Rogers has a rich history and so many fun […]
Community Things To Do in Eureka Springs! It is time for a detour to one of the more well-known gems of Arkansas, Eureka Springs. Eureka is probably most featured on TV shows like “Ghost Adventures” and articles about “America’s Most Haunted Hotels” for the infamous Crescent Hotel. This quirky town is full of haunts and history, making it the perfect trip for […]
Community Things to do in Lowell, Arkansas! Sep. 13, 2021 It’s time for another exciting stop on our tour through Northwest Arkansas. We make our way to Lowell, Arkansas. Just south of Rogers, this unassuming town has several hidden gems that make it a great place to buy a home. It is the perfect mix of Southern roots and modern draws.  Ninja […]
Community Things to do in NWA Small Towns! Jul 29, 2021 Northwest Arkansas is growing at a rate that we can barely keep up with! These small towns are no exception. We are going to start with some of the small towns surrounding the two towns we have already talked about, Fayetteville and Springdale. These towns have much more going on than just […]
Community Things To Do in Springdale! Jun 18, 2021 Next up on our tour through Northwest Arkansas in Springdale. Due to our population boom over recent years, it is hard to tell where Fayetteville ends, and Springdale begins. That isn’t to say that there isn’t plenty of unique things to do here! Visitors and homeowners alike will have no problem finding […]
Community Things To Do in Fayetteville, Arkansas Living in Northwest Arkansas is an absolute blessing. Each distinct town in our region has something to offer. We are excited to give you our perspective on some of the amazing areas in NWA. First, on the list, is the gorgeous town of Fayetteville, the Home of the University of Arkansas, and the Arkansas Razorbacks. This college […]
Community Our Friends Next Door Aug 13, 2020 It was not a stroke of luck that landed our new Gallery Office in such a strategic location. It was, well, strategy!  Our goal is to represent the essence and heart of Northwest Arkansas while positioning Coldwell Banker Harris McHaney & Faucette as the guiding ambassador to the area. We want to […]
Community Top 5 Places to Visit in Siloam Springs Jul 22, 2020 To us, there’s nothing better than taking weekend road trips to the quaint towns and attractions throughout Arkansas. Like many Arkansans, supporting local establishments and enjoying all that our state has to offer is important. That’s why we decided to dig deeper into one of our state’s gems, Siloam Springs. Officially incorporated […]
Community Four Local Restaurants You can Support Today Apr 09, 2020 Local restaurants all over the country are struggling to stay open during nationwide closings and quarantines. While some have financial capital or creative solutions to continue making a profit, many are being forced to close their doors to the dismay of long-time customers. Northwest Arkansas is unique in that the vast majority […]
Community NWA’s Hidden Outdoor Gems Mar 13, 2020 The Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas serve as a diverse playground for outdoor enthusiasts, who are offered an endless amount of choices within the 13,000 square miles of the eroded plateau. Devil’s Den State Park, Buffalo River Trail, Kyles Landing, and Hemmed in Hollow are some of the most popular destinations for […]