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A Unique New Years in Northwest Arkansas

Dec 27, 2019

If you live in Fayetteville, you’re likely familiar with the Arkansas Missouri Railroad train that frequently makes its way through the center of downtown. If you’re lucky enough to be sitting outside Arsaga’s when the train passes by, you might catch the friendly waves and kind faces of happy passengers. This red and yellow engine has become a bit of an icon in Northwest Arkansas.

I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to watch this spectacle from the inside of the train instead of the other side of the fence, enjoying the scenery and a cup of coffee. I never got around to reserving my tickets, but if there was ever a reason to light a firecracker under my heels to do so, it is this!

 While their website doesn’t explicitly state what all will be involved in this special trip into the new decade, do they need to? Getting dressed up, ordering some champagne, and enjoying the ride from one major Northwest Arkansas City to another to enjoy their fireworks display sounds amazing by itself. This is the perfect opportunity to skip the frigid lines outside of every bar in the metropolitan area while still getting the experience of being out on the town(s). Think of it as you and your friend’s own private, mobile party!

Grab your tickets while you still can! Spots are limited, and this famous tour around Northwest Arkansas will not want to be missed by many of the area’s citizens and their families. Reserve your spot and enjoy one of the most unique new years experience NWA has to offer! What a fitting way to welcome in a new decade.