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Why People Love Northwest Arkansas

Why People Love Northwest Arkansas

Everyone seems to have the answer as to why people are moving to Northwest Arkansas. There are countless Top 10 Lists answering this seemingly easy question. Most of these answers just scratch the surface. These lists rattle off much of the same information time and time again, year after year. I think we can all agree there are a few very repetitive reasons being mentioned for NWA’s draw, as well as its rise to prominence nationally and even internationally. Rightfully so!

The fame, glamour, and allure have been promoted and boosted by endless attention and recognition from prominent publications and media outlets such as U.S. News, Niche, Money, CNN, and more. There is no denying that Northwest Arkansas is an amazing place to live, or that the world has discovered it (and agrees). But, beyond the usual reasons, such as career opportunities, lifestyle, culture, cost of living, etc., what are the true driving forces of attraction and retention in NWA?

The answer…The Great Outdoors

Joking aside. That’s one of those surface-level answers I mentioned above. It is absolutely a draw and deserves all the attention and recognition it receives, but I believe there is more meat on the bone and this subject is worthy of a deeper dive. Don’t worry though, I will provide my Top Ten List to wrap it up, and of course, the outdoors will make the list (well maybe).

Northwest Arkansas soaks up creative descriptions of its appeal and uniqueness with phrases like “Unicorn of the Heartland.” We’ve also heard the play on words, “Living in Oz,” which of course is a tie-in to the Ozarks, but it also offers a unique peek into the magic that lives here, much like the famous Land of Oz. NWA earns these titles rightfully; an area that historically was overlooked, underappreciated, and oftentimes regarded with apprehension or even dread by those having to travel to or relocate here.

Now, this magical locale charms even the most scrupulous wanderers, globetrotters, and nomads.

So, what’s the secret sauce that makes NWA so special?

  • A Passion for Positive Growth

    • Growth comes in many forms: population, businesses, tax dollars, housing, education, community amenities, infrastructure, etc. While growing pains are inevitable and do exist, there are countless individuals and organizations in Northwest Arkansas involved in the formation of ideas, construction of solutions, and unrivaled implementation.
  • Visionary Leadership

    • The evolution of Northwest Arkansas didn’t happen overnight, and while the groundwork has been laid for years, the horizon is ever-shifting with innovative and prolific milestones being set and accomplished.
  • The Best of Both Worlds

    • NWA epitomizes the phrase and offers so much to so many. From small-town living to lively downtowns, posh boutiques to handcrafted local artisans, mid-rises to farmland, award-winning chefs to food trucks, avid aviation to whitewater kayaking, wineries to breweries to distilleries, world-renowned musicians to neighborhood block parties, and the list goes on.
  • Cherishing the Past while Embracing the Future

    • Often the future means change, and while that has rung true in many aspects within Northwest Arkansas, there is a longing and desire to recognize and preserve what has historically made this area so special, while also inviting in the benefits of the present, as well as the expectations and hopes of the future.
  • Care for Community

    • Our communities can only achieve a level as good as our community. While the passion and desire for community runs deep within those who have called NWA home for years, and decades, the remarkable and profuse embrace and acculturation of those who move in is a common motif seen throughout NWA.

Northwest Arkansas is being curated by the energy, passion, and care of many. These leaders in the community come in many forms, shapes, and sizes, and with differing missions, devotions, and desires, but all share one intentional and common purpose. The conservation, betterment, and safeguarding of our communities, resources, traditions, freedoms, diversity, and everything else that makes up the delicate and ever-changing fabric of NWA.


Last but not least, here is my Top Ten List:

  1. Prominent Mountain, Cyclocross, Gravel, & Road Cycling Community
  2. Diverse & Award-Winning Culinary, Coffee, & Brewing
  3. Acclaimed Local, National, & International Arts
  4. Developing Tech Hub
  5. Career Opportunities in Big Business
  6. Taking Healthcare to a Whole New Level
  7. Expanded & Diversified Education
  8. Elevated Entrepreneurship
  9. Four Seasons for Year-Round Enjoyment & Excursions
  10. It’s Naturally Beautiful in the Natural State