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Exclusive Designer’s Look: The New Gallery Office

Jul 10, 2020

*Photos by Alex Boyd

We’ve had a lot of questions regarding our process with designing our new Gallery Office. We thought we’d sit down with lead designer Abby Redmon with Goddard Design and ask her some of your burning questions! Hopefully this insight will give you a more intimate look at this passion project for our community and our agents.

Tell us a little bit about Goddard Design Group. What do you guys hope to bring to your clients, and what were some hopes you had for this project specifically?

Goddard Design Group is a full service interior design firm that focuses on experiential design. Every sense is affected in an interior space and we strive to design spaces where the experience is the story the client wants to tell. We wanted to create an exclusive experience for Coldwell Banker. One that sets you all apart from any other real estate office or community space in the area which creates strong brand identity for you and is also a conversation starter. We also hoped to create a space that would further integrate the community relationships by creating a venue like space where people could host events and invite people into the home of Coldwell Banker .” 

What was your approach to the empty canvas? What were some of your first thoughts during the brainstorming process?

“In my own design process, I look to tell the story first and foremost and fit the function within that story so it’s a seamless functional space as an end result. We needed to provide a place for the Coldwell Banker team to work, space for visitors to relax, a small communal kitchenette area, all while creating an experience to weave Coldwell Banker‘s mark into the community of Northwest Arkansas.”

What were some key aspects or design patterns you tried to stick to throughout the process and why?

“I wanted the space to feel warm and casual, a place people would want to spend time in but also a place that isn’t easily forgettable. On a downtown square, people aren’t always out looking for a specific product or service, so even if someone walks into the gallery not interested in purchasing or selling a home, the experience of the space will be so memorable that it’s the first place they think of when they’re ready for a buying or selling experience. “

What lead you to the decision to include other artists, such as the mural in the back? What do you think this says about the collaboration inherent to our community?

“From the beginning, it was important to tell the story of Coldwell Banker in the communities of Northwest Arkansas, so weaving authentic and native elements into the space was imperative to conveying the depth and richness of the relationship that Coldwell Banker has in our area. Tiger Sasha created the amazing mural wall. We did some brainstorming and decided to take inspiration from the Ozark Mountains for this back of the space. You can see the mountains and his signature Russian doll in the mural. It’s one of my favorite parts of the whole space! We also worked with Roark Group on the listing display wall, spinning block wall, and custom map island. They have amazing product designers on staff that I worked with to tell the story even in the materials we used. The raw timber of the listing display wall is Arkansas Pine and we used milled pine for the block wall as well.” 

Now that the office is finished, what do you hope it brings to the community?

“My hope is that this space brings a unique, exclusive experience for Coldwell Banker’s clients and team that creates stronger bonds between agent and client, Coldwell Banker and NWA community, and among the Coldwell Banker teams in Bentonville, Rogers, and Fayetteville. Spaces are where we live our lives and create relationships and memories. My hope is that this space will provide special experiences to enhance the way Coldwell Banker guides Northwest Arkansas home. “

We want to thank Abby of Goddard Design for sharing her insight on this incredible design. We hope that this behind the scenes look has given you insight into our passion and dedication to this space, one that we hope you will enjoy when you visit!

Want to see the office in person? Stop by our office today, 113 N Main Street Bentonville, AR or contact an agent here.