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Five Reasons to Sell Your Home Right Now

May 22, 2020

Now is not the time to sell.”

”Do it now while interest rates are low!”

”What about the COVID-19 pandemic?”

You’ve probably heard these cautionary tales mixed with some positive information at one point or another. Selling a home is a big deal, and there is a lot of information floating around that is hard to gather into reliable fodder to make a decision. We have gathered the most recent information on the housing market to show you that now, more than ever, is the best time to sell your home. Here are five reasons, coupled with facts, to help put your mind at ease as you consider listing your house.

You Face Very Little Competition

  • The number of houses on the market right now is at a historic low, but potential buyers remain at stable numbers. And to give it some context, we haven’t seen the number of Northwest Arkansas homes for sales this low since the early 1990s! Listing your home right now will put it in front of a sea of people looking for homes, with little to no competing listings coming between you and closing the deal as fast as possible.

More Homes Sold This March-April Than Last Year

  • The market is doing everything but slowing down. This March through April, 1,972 homes were sold which is more than the same time last year. REALTORS® remains busy, and our agents are equipped more than ever to help you safely sell your home fast. The market isn’t slowing down, and neither are we!

*Source: NABOR MLS

Home Sold Faster in March-April 2020 Than 2019

  • Houses on the current market are selling FAST. Data reports that listings spent an astoundingly low average of 64 days on the market this March and April. In comparison, the average number of days on market for this time last year was 77 days. Don’t be afraid of sitting on a listing for months or years at a time, the data is in your favor! The chances are that your listing will be closed in the blink of an eye!

*Source: NABOR MLS

Prices Are Not Dropping

  • Housing prices remain stable due to supply and demand. The moment many homes become available, our agents are having many potential buyers knocking on the door. This demand is reinforced by the drop in several average days a house spends on the market. Another keynote- The current market was not driven by a housing crash like the one in 2008. Due to the lack of competition with other sellers combined with a high number of buyers, listing your home for what it is worth will set you up to get the price you want in a favorable amount of time.

*Source: NABOR MLS

Waiting To Sell = More Competition & Lower Prices

  • If, after all of the reasons listed above, you’re still hesitant to list your home, ask yourself this: if the facts are showing that now is the best time to sell your home as quickly and for as much profit as possible, why not take advantage of the opportunity? Our agent’s schedules are quickly filling up with showings, consultations, and closings. Why not contact us today and get the process started? Visit to find an agent near you!