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Give Hope with Local NWA Love

Apr 01, 2020

Since COVID-19 made its predictable appearance in Northwest Arkansas, we have seen compassion and sacrificial giving erupt among the locals and small businesses in the area. We want to highlight some of these people. The best way we will overcome this is to do it together.

As more and more needs within the community begin to show, local businesses/services are turning a blind eye to their own needs, and directing their efforts toward filling in these gaps with whatever resources they have at their disposal.

Fox Trail Distillery- Rogers

Fox Trail Distillery is providing an essential need by sticking to what it knows best- alcohol. Sanitation supplies are almost entirely unavailable at local stores, and a bottle of hand sanitizer online can cost you as much as two hundred dollars. This local distillery is re-directing its efforts towards manufacturing hand and surface sanitizers by using the natural disinfecting properties of distilled liquor. There’s nothing like local, made-in-house hand sanitizer (by the way, this stuff is NOT for oral consumption)! To learn more about their efforts to spread effective sanitation, click here.

Northwest Arkansas School Districts

Food insecurity is a very real danger for many families in Northwest Arkansas. An alarming percentage of children rely on the lunches they receive at school for much of their daily nutritional needs. The closure of almost all public schools across the state has taken away the only food security that these children had, but schools across 23 districts in Northwest Arkansas are continuing to make meals available for as long as the closures last. You can read the full story here.

ZuZu’s Petals- Fayetteville

ZuZu’s Petals took a drastic hit once the people of Fayetteville began to self-quarantine. Along with many businesses that rely on human interaction to stay afloat, ZuZu’s had to adapt quickly. They established a partnership with Meals on Wheels and Fayetteville Senior Center to ethically distribute leftover inventory from canceled events by distributing flowers to senior citizens quarantined in their rooms. Little did this local flower company know that those they were giving back to would in turn provide them with an opportunity to stay in business. This act of kindness spread throughout Northwest Arkansas and was so highly acclaimed by the community that it has become a means for ZuZu’s to stay in business. They have since opened up a donation account that they are using to continue to distribute flowers free of charge to those who need some extra color in their lives. Check out the full, compelling story here.

Bentonville Public Library

Along with extended due dates and remaining flexible on late fees, Bentonville Public Library is rushing to the aid of parents whose children are no longer receiving an education due to school closures. They are offering free tutorials for their online learning program, free with your library card! Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more information, and to catch the next tutorial!

Siloam Springs Chamber of Commerce

Like all of the other major cities in Northwest Arkansas, the small businesses in Siloam Springs are taking a massive hit due to widespread closures and the self-isolation of its people, and the Siloam Springs Chamber of Commerce is rising to meet this challenge by resources conveniently available on their website that are particularly useful to small businesses facing financial strain. Highlighting and providing direct links to potential loans and free resources for small businesses has taken an immense load off the shoulders of some owners, giving them ease of access to what could potentially save their livelihood. You can view the full list of resources here.

Single Parent Scholarship Fund

The Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas continues to support single parents in their efforts to receive higher education and become financially stable. Their continued efforts provide single parents with access to essential educational and final resources that they would otherwise be without. During this time of uncertainty, they are providing at-risk families a solid foundation for the future. Click here to financially support their community-changing efforts.

Support Local NWA

Supporting Local NWA is an incredible initiative to keep the income of local businesses at a sustainable level. You buy gift cards to over 300 local businesses directly from their website, supporting them financially without having to put yourself or others at risk. This is a great and safe way to help make sure these businesses are still there when all of this is over, and that the consumers are still able to get the products they enjoy. It is a win/win situation for everyone. You can visit their website and purchase a gift card here.

The Community at Large

These local places are doing amazing, selfless things to stimulate hope and longevity towards their neighbors, but some are not so lucky in their resources. Here are some simple things you can do to make sure local businesses are still around when this is over:

  • Shop local– many products are still available in stores, and many stores are starting to offer online ordering and curbside pickup.
  • Order takeout– You read that correctly, ordering takeout is a safe and sanitary way to support local restaurants, almost all of whom are taking necessary precautions and offer safe delivery. drive-thru and pickup options.
  • Consider donating to your local food pantry– Many food-insecure Arkansas are relying on places such as NWA Food Bank now more than ever. Volunteering your time or donating your resources could be the difference between hunger and sustenance for a family.
  • Support Your Local Healthcare Professionals:

One of the best things you can do for your fellow Northwest Arkansas is to donate any sanitation equipment you can spare to your local healthcare provider. This will give them the means to protect themselves so that they can continue to fight on the front lines of infection.

Help us Help the Heroes at Risk

Nurses and doctors do not have the option to self-isolate and are putting in countless hours at the hospital to not only slow the spread of the virus but sustain the lives of those who have already contracted it. The more equipped they are, the better than can do their job.

Coldwell Banker Harris McHaney & Faucette has decided to team up with our partners and community in helping our medical professionals acquire the equipment they need to save lives, including their own. We ask you to please consider donating any extra supplies you have by visiting one of our four locations and dropping off your donation in the lobby.

We will be accepting donations of items such as gloves, masks, wipes and other sanitation equipment to be distributed to local hospitals across Northwest Arkansas. During a time in which latex gloves are impossible to come by in stores, and a bottle of hand sanitizer will set you back hundreds of dollars online, the best way we can take care of our heroes in healthcare is to part with what we have to spare. If you have any questions on how to get your donations to us, send an email to