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It’s that time of year, Spring Cleaning time!

Mar 01, 2021

There’s nothing like taking in the first bit of sunshine after a long winter. Here in Northwest Arkansas we experienced the coldest ever recorded temperature, -30 degrees Fahrenheit. It was wild. After experiencing rising temperatures this past week, there’s no doubt that Spring is in the air. If you’re like me this is normally when you get an itch to declutter and deep clean your home. You could be preparing for the long summer or maybe a big move into a new home. 

Most people have a process or way they usually go about attacking spring cleaning. Others just wing it and hope for the best. Here are the 3 rules I follow when Spring cleaning my house:

Does It Bring You Joy?

One of the things mom taught me (by proxy through Marie Kondo) growing up about getting rid of clothes and things you own is that if it doesn’t bring you absolute joy—toss them! This is easier said than done. We tend to get attached to materialistic items. However, if you haven’t done this before we highly suggest you give it a try.

Have You Used It In The Last 5 Years?

Another rule I like to give myself while cleansing my home in the spring. If you haven’t worn it/used it in 5 years, it’s got to go! I know you have that infomercial kitchen tool just sitting in your cabinet waiting to be used, but you will never use it!

One Room At A Time

Tackling the whole house at once can be very overwhelming. It can cause you to get discouraged and quit right after you just got started. Pick the hardest most disorganized room in your home first and tackle it. It may take you a couple of hours or if it’s messy maybe even a whole day. For us, it’s the kitchen. The most important thing is that the hardest part is done and each room after will feel like a breeze. 

We hope that after following some of my “go-to” rules for Spring Cleaning your NWA home feels less cluttered and more organized. Still, feel like you don’t have enough space for all of your stuff even after removing clutter and excess items? We have a team full of over 290 REALTORS that can help get you into a home that’s the right size for your family.