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Our Friends Next Door

Aug 13, 2020

It was not a stroke of luck that landed our new Gallery Office in such a strategic location. It was, well, strategy! 

Our goal is to represent the essence and heart of Northwest Arkansas while positioning Coldwell Banker Harris McHaney & Faucette as the guiding ambassador to the area. We want to leave our mark, becoming inseparably but also subtly associated with it. We also intend to get away from the image of a typical real estate office. This office looks towards a more modern gallery-style interior that doesn’t sacrifice warmth and welcome for a sleek look. This space should exude a retail experience that draws the passer-by into the doors to explore our offerings.

This space will go beyond working hours to double as a venue open to both internal and external events. Our main goal is community engagement. Hosting events for nonprofits, partnering with other local businesses, and establishing a presence during city events are three significant ways we plan to achieve this goal. We want to develop connections, draw people to Northwest Arkansas, and help guide them home.

We hope to develop these connections by using our prime location to partner and interact with the significant Northwest Arkansas businesses that surround our building. Being a part of this community means interacting with those who play an integral role in its culture and development.

We have the pleasure of being surrounded by companies who not only make the Bentonville Square what is, but whose missions inspire us.

Let’s Meet Some Of Our Neighbors! 

Kyya Chocolate is the first bean-to-bar chocolate company in Arkansas. This means they specialize in small-batch chocolate. This process helps them maximize the flavor of each cacao bean. To their left is the Walmart Museum, This is an essential part of the history of Walmart. It first opened back in 1990 and was known as the visitors center for locals and those visiting from out of state. Lastly, to the left of them is the Spark Cafe, which just had its grand re-opening this afternoon. Created in memoriam of Sam Walton and his love of Ice cream, this quaint shop is sure to meet all your sweet tooth needs.  

If you speak with anyone who has lived in Northwest Arkansas, they will tell you that local businesses’ culture is a critical feature in what makes this area so unique. As a real estate company specializing in coming alongside those who wish to make Northwest Arkansas home, we cannot wait to explore the opportunities of our new location as they present themselves.