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Top 5 Places to Visit in Siloam Springs

Jul 22, 2020

To us, there’s nothing better than taking weekend road trips to the quaint towns and attractions throughout Arkansas. Like many Arkansans, supporting local establishments and enjoying all that our state has to offer is important. That’s why we decided to dig deeper into one of our state’s gems, Siloam Springs.

Officially incorporated in 1881, Siloam Springs was a popular spot for pioneers to stop due to its’ healing springs water in Sager Creek. This discovery brought notoriety and state-wide acclaim and continues to attract tourists year-round.

To get a better understanding of what makes the town so unique, we asked members of our Siloam Springs Coldwell Banker Harris McHaney and Faucette Real Estate team. Below are their votes for the Top 5 places to visit in Siloam.

Siloam Springs Kayak Park

Close up of a man holding a kayak paddle at sunset.

The newest addition, and quite possibly the most popular tourist attraction to Siloam Springs, is Kayak Park. Situated on the Illinois River just 4 miles south of town this adventurous amenity is just waiting for you to explore!  Not only does the park boast thrilling water activities, but it also has many relaxing areas for all age groups. Due to COVID-19 the park is temporarily closed, but here are rules to take notes of before you visit:

  •     A floatable device (kayak, canoe, or tube) is required to ride the rapids as well as a life jacket in the park.
  •     No alcohol is permitted at the park. However, non-alcoholic beverages and food may be consumed outside of the water as there is no concession.

Natural Falls State Park

Ozark waterfall in Arkansas

Although not located within the city limits of Siloam Springs, this state park is situated right across the Arkansas-Oklahoma border in West Siloam Springs. This park features a 77-foot waterfall, various hiking trails, yurts to camp in, and plenty of nature to explore. Dripping Springs has a history that’s rich and full of adventure, including being a source of water for townsfolk, shelter for Native American Indians as well as soldiers during the Civil War. Learn more about the park and its’ endless amenities here.

Fratelli’s Wood-Fried Pizzeria

Slice of pizza cheese crust seafood topping sauce. with bell pepper vegetables delicious tasty fast food Italian traditional and soft drink carbonated fresh on wooden board table classic in side view

Walking into Fratelli’s and taking in the smell of freshly made wood-fired pizza, it’s no wonder it’s a local favorite. Nestled in the middle of downtown Siloam Springs, Fratelli’s, offers an intimate dining atmosphere close to all the local action. If you aren’t too stuffed from your meal make sure to try their Gelato, it’s a must-have fan-favorite menu item. Check out their complete menu by clicking here.

Pure Joy Ice Cream

The man is filling a waffle with ice cream with his hand. The display case inside with ice creams is seen in the background.

While traveling across the state, you’re bound to stumble upon many local creameries, Siloam Springs isn’t an exception. Just off of Main Street you’ll find Pure Joy Ice Cream and boy do their delicious flavors make you feel pure joy. This small-batch naturally crafted ice cream was founded in 2011 and sources all ingredients from local farmers and producers, making the flavors rich and unique. To order online and see what full member perks are available click here. 

City Lake Park

Group of athletes mountain biking on a forest trail, mountain bike race

This 65-acre city park has been in the works for two decades and has become a premier nature destination for hikers, bikers, and bird watchers alike. The trail system includes various levels of terrain, providing a space for beginner, intermediate and expert bikers. Visitors can learn multiple biking disciplines on the skills course, pump track, and flow trails. Given the current conditions, the city is asking park goers to be mindful of others when using paths and to please follow the National Recreation and Park Association’s recommendations on social distancing minimums.


Sounds fun, right? We hope you take your next free weekend or day off to explore all of the fun activities Siloam Springs has to offer.  If you want to learn more about Siloam from a local expert, click here or call them directly at (479) 439-5044.