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Things To Do in Bella Vista!

Mar 14, 2022

As we impatiently wait for spring to arrive, we thought we’d spend our time exploring just how many things there are to do in Bella Vista. Fun fact, it is one of the most outdoor-oriented towns in NWA. With over 150 miles of mountain biking and multi-use trails, 7 recreation lakes, 6 golf courses, disc golf, pickleball courts, and much more. It is the perfect place for the active crowd to buy a home. These benefits are for Bella Vista residents so keep that in mind when you are looking to buy a home. There are some affordable POA dues and activity cards. You can find more information about that here.

Golf Courses

No matter where you are driving in Bella Vista, it is impossible to miss the beautifully maintained greens of the SIX golf courses scattered throughout the area. For those who want to get tips on improving their golf game go to the practice facility. You can schedule some time with one of the on-staff golf pros. If golf isn’t what holds your interest, there is no shortage of alternatives to participate in. There are 8 tennis courts (with pro instructors available), 3 fitness centers, a mini-golf course, an 18-hole disc golf course, 3 pools, campgrounds and parks, and even a gun range. 

Mountain Bike Trails

Next up are the INSANE amount of mountain bike trails. There are 154 miles of trails as of March 2022, with more being created weekly. There are 3 major trail systems that you can use in Bella Vista. All have varying skill levels from the easy greens to the double black jump lines.

Blowing Springs Trail

First up, we have Blowing Springs Trails. This starts as a 6-mile loop that skirts cliffsides and has caves and waterfalls to explore. It links to Slaughter Pen Trails, the Razorback Greenway. It acts as a gateway to our next trail system, the Back 40. Blowing Springs is excellent for hikers and campers alike, with several amenities like RV sites, cabin rentals, and much more! I’m only mentioning this to tease the topic, but they have an outdoor beer garden! That’s all you get, click here for beer info!

The Back 40 Trails

The Back 40 system boasts over 40 miles of trails that include a 21-mile loop creatively named ” The Back 40 Loop“. This trail system has a wide range of singletrack, again varying in skill level and length. As an avid rider, The Back 40 is an excellent CX destination and although you may be in the back holler of POA land behind neighborhoods, it feels secluded for an adventurous escape. This trail system has several access points, including through Slaughter Pen in Bentonville and the Razorback Greenway. If you decide to ride these trails, be on the lookout for coolers of water filled by “trail angels.” These homeowners, riders, and just flat-out awesome folks leave beverages, snacks, and sometimes a beer behind for the trail user.

Little Sugar Trai;s

Finally, we have Little Sugar trails, an open network of 40 miles. It works its way past waterfalls, Bella Vista lakes, and other natural features that will have you jumping off your bike to go exploring. This might be the most adventurous of all of the trails built with a variety of climbs, features, and tunnels to pass through. This network has many crossovers and cut-throughs to give you plenty of options for routes. Because of this, we recommend the TrailForks app to keep you connected to your desired path. Cell service in Bella Vista isn’t normally an issue for bikers and the TrailForks app is great to make sure that you are never lost.

Bella Vista Lakes

If you are looking for something more leisurely to do, try out one of Bella Vistas 7 lakes. These can be used for fishing, boating, swimming, or paddleboarding. Note: lake users must have credentials for the POA or obtain a guest permit. Click here to get the info on Lake/Beach/Amenity use. The marina at Lakepoint has boat rentals available at an hourly rate if you don’t have a boat. The Bella Vista POA also ensures that the lakes are stocked with a variety of fish for those who want to go cast a line. If staying on land and relaxing is your thing, check out Lake Avalon’s beach. Rentals are available there for paddleboards and kayaks. You can also rent the pavilion for parties or extra shade during those hot summer days. 

Memorials and Landmarks

Don’t be intimidated if you aren’t the outdoor type. Not all of the activities require a helmet or a bucket of sunscreen. One of our favorite suggestions, check out the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel. This E. Fay Jones’s masterpiece is one of the beautiful arch and glass chapels that you will find scattered around Northwest Arkansas. Additionally, near Bella Vista lake in the center of town, pay homage to the Veteran Wall of Honor dedicated to honoring the legacy of our beloved Veterans. As with most things in Northwest Arkansas, you are never far from any art or culture. Crystal Bridges and the Momentary are less than a 15-minute drive away. That drive is easy when you are surrounded by as much natural beauty as in Bella Vista.

These are some great options to do in Bella Vista if you already own a home there or are looking to buy. Be sure to check for your town on our blog page to find your town to find some of the possible hidden gems in the place you call home.