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Things to do in Lowell, Arkansas!

Sep. 13, 2021

It’s time for another exciting stop on our tour through Northwest Arkansas. We make our way to Lowell, Arkansas. Just south of Rogers, this unassuming town has several hidden gems that make it a great place to buy a home. It is the perfect mix of Southern roots and modern draws. 

Ninja Park

One new and exciting added feature of Lowell is the Flip Side Ninja Park. Lowell has been getting some recent attention on American Ninja Warrior. One of the coaches at Flip Side, Owen Dyer, has made it to the qualifiers on this extremely popular show. It’s also a great activity for people of all ages that are looking to challenge themselves and try out an alternative way to get some physical activity. It is the perfect place to hold a birthday party for an active kid if they want something a bit more challenging rather than a Chuck E Cheese ball pit. Anyone that thinks they have what it takes can also book private lessons as a way to sharpen their skills and prepare for their American Ninja Warrior audition or just to kick butt at their company retreat.

Fruit Farm

After you are done becoming a ninja, stop by Vanzant Fruit Farms for a healthy snack to recharge. Vanzant Fruit Farms has been providing fresh produce for your table since 1949. Some of the products available throughout the year include pumpkins, corn, apples, blueberries, and grapes. These are available for as long as they are in season so check back frequently to see what they have. However, It doesn’t stop there… They also have jams, jellies, apple butter, and honey available made directly from products grown on the farm. 

Comedy Club

Looking for evening entertainment? First up is The Grove Comedy Club. This comedy club has everything for a fun night out including dinner, drinks, and a show. It is a great date night spot for a couple looking to escape the normal dinner and a movie routine.   They feature everyone from amateur comedians on open mic night to professional comedians with their comedy specials on Netflix and Comedy Central.

Before the show, check out their courts and cornhole. They have spaces available for volleyball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and the classic cornhole. If you think you have what it takes you can enter their cornhole tournaments nearly every weekend.

For The Kids

For the competitive sort, try out Fast Lanes Entertainment. This one has often been considered a Rogers haunt but don’t be fooled. Lowell proudly claims this attraction. Perfect for family entertaining, this center has something for people of all ages, including a mini roller coaster for the little ones. This location boasts an arcade, bumper cars, laser tag, a VR game system, and bowling all in a large warehouse. It is a great place to hold a birthday party or as a way to get out of the house on a rainy fall day. Open until 1 in the morning on the weekends, it is the ideal place for teenagers to hang out and stay out of trouble. 

Mudtown Days

Our final feature from Lowell is their annual Mudtown Days festival. This tradition is steeped in history and is rooted in how the town was founded since ‘mudtown’ was the original nickname for Lowell. This multi-day festival boasts different activities you are sure to enjoy. From concerts to carnival rides, this is everything you would want from a fair. Other notable events include a fishing derby, an iconic mud run that will ruin your clothes, and a firework show you won’t want to miss. This is a must-visit once you buy your dream estate in Northwest Arkansas.