Buying a Home April 12, 2023

Items Needed For A Home Loan


Continuing our homebuyer series, we want to discuss some of the items you may need to have when applying for a home loan. This list will help prepare you and get you one step ahead when buying your new home!

  1. Social Security Numbers –

    • Borrower and all co-borrowers. Needed for accurate credit rate.
  2. Residence Address –

    • Past 7 years (Current and previous) landlords, mortgage companies (account numbers). All borrowers.
  3. Copy of Driver’s License –

    • All borrowers.
  4. Names and Addresses of Each Employer –

    • Current and previous 2 years. All borrowers.
  5. Gross Monthly Salary and Employment Pay Stubs –

    • Hourly rate and the number of hours worked a week or biweekly. Weekly, monthly, or annual salary. All borrowers.
  6. Names, Addresses, Account Numbers, and Balances of Checking, Savings, and Retirement Investment Accounts –

    • needed to mail verifications of deposits (need last 2 statements). All borrowers.
  7. Revolving Charge Accounts Names, Addresses, Account Numbers, Balances, and Monthly Payments of All –

    • Need minimum monthly payments and balances on all accounts used in the past 6 months even if the account has a zero balance. All borrowers.
  8. Names, Addresses, Account Numbers, and Balances and Monthly Payments of All Open Loans –

    • i.e., car loans, mortgage loans, student loans, share loans, boat loans, etc. All borrowers.
  9. Federal Tax Returns –

    • 1040s: most recent two years, with all schedules, statements, and agenda (completed and signed). All borrowers.
  10. W-2 Forms –

    • Most recent two years. All borrowers.
  11. Addresses of Other Real Estate Owned –

    • Needed for the schedule of real estate. Need to know the type of property (land, home, duplex). All borrowers.
  12. Loan Information of Other Real Estate Owned –

    • Needed for verification of mortgage. All borrowers.
  13. Helpful Items –

    • Survey; Amount of Property Taxes and Insurance – Needed for Good Faith Estimate
  14. VA Only – Certificate of Eligibility or DD214 –

    • Need as soon as possible. The lender will have a form to request the certificate.
  15.  Self-Employment –

    • Personal and Corporate Tax Returns
  16. Stock, Bond Brokerage Account Information –

    • All Borrowers.
  17. Face Amount of Life Insurance –

    • All Borrowers
  18. Homeowner’s Insurance Agent’s Contact information.


This list will have you prepared for whatever the mortgage company may ask from you. Your agent will also be there to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Don’t have an agent? Read about how they can help you throughout the process and find an agent to help you on your journey!