Uncategorized Are You Buying/Selling a Home During a FEMA Declared Disaster? As REALTORS®,  we are committed to helping our clients buy and sell homes with a full-service and stress-free transaction. But sometimes, Mother Nature has plans that none of us can control.  In moments of opportunity, we are not defined by the uncontrollable, but by how we overcome the challenge. Allowing Coldwell Banker agents to be […]
Uncategorized Unlocking the Value of a Professional Buyer’s Agent It’s true,  anyone with a license can open a door and show a property. However, at CBHMF, we are professional REALTORS® who bring full value to every client truly enhancing and protecting homebuyers and their experience. When you are on your homebuying journey, you want the best to guide you through every step of the […]
Uncategorized Unlocking NWA: Insider Stats for Newcomers and Natives Explore Northwest Arkansas, a thriving hub for homeowners and investors. With its scenic beauty and robust economy, it’s a top choice in the housing market. Not only is Northwest Arkansas recognized by the Wall Street Journal, but it also boasts an impressive reputation and notable statistics. Let’s dive deeper into its real estate potential with […]
Uncategorized Embracing the Ozarks: The Corporate Migration to Northwest Arkansas Recently on social media, we’ve delved into the states with the highest migration rates to Arkansas, focusing on the individual homeowner’s perspective. Today, let’s shift to examples of companies making this region their home and explore what this means for our community and the economy alike.   The Corporate Landscape: Northwest Arkansas stands as a […]
Uncategorized 6 Reasons Why a Real Estate Agent Can Help Find Your Next Northwest Arkansas Rental The dynamic rental market in Northwest Arkansas is in full swing, presenting both opportunities and challenges for renters. With its picturesque landscapes and thriving communities, this region attracts individuals and families seeking the perfect place to call home.  We understand, many movers want to “test the waters” of an area before buying.  Everything from commute […]
Buying a Home Things To Do In Southwest Missouri!! Southwest Missouri is a beautiful area that often is overshadowed by the ever-growing Northwest Arkansas area. There are so many unique places to explore. Whether you are looking for something adventurous near your new home, a good meal, or a road trip oddity, you are sure to find a destination on this list that fits your […]
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